I'm a male slave

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Hey everybody, I've posted in the masters and slaves tribe but I think that's mostly for people who are already owned. Anyways, I saw this one and thought it seemed to fit better. Does anyone know what a guy has to do to find a mistress, where a guy could find one?
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    You have to typically either become involvedin your local scene or join a site like, collarme, or other sites like that. There are tribes on tribe too that I think are more for pick up or hook up type of activities. This one is more talking about the lifestyle and what it is like to be a slave.

    The thing with many tribes is that they are not for personal ads. You can also try yahoo groups and also aol i think still has chats for BDSM.

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      Aaron, it also helps to have a much more thorough profile. Yours really doesn't say a heck of a lot about you, your dreams, things you like and so on.

      I also agree that getting involved in your local BDSM community is really important. Go to classes, volunteer at events.

      There are the internet sites and chats, but I'd use those more for getting a feel for things rather than trying to hook up. Since you are a guy looking for a mistress, you are going to be competing with a LOT of guys. You may need to find a way to make yourself stand out above the crowd.

      Not everyone in the Masters and slaves tribe is attached..but a much better way to get attention in any tribe is to post topics--questions, thoughts..and contribute to threads. It'll get you noticed.

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